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Works with Premier Series Backpacks OR1006 & OR1010

The Premier Series Power Nozzle has a geared belt for long life, a circuit breaker to protect motor, belt and roller from clogs and jams. A large 15 inch cleaning path for quicker clean time. Quick disconnect lever on Power Nozzle neck.


  • Commercial geared 15 inch power nozzle with upper Sheath assembly and lower wand
  • 1 ½“ –1 ¼” reducer handle that fits on hose cuff
  • Power cord assembly connects to switch box on backpack
  • Built-In storage ring for convenient wall mounting
  • Double row of bristles for rug and floor cleaning
(Right Click or Control Click)
(Right Click or Control Click)

Parts List

Diagram Number Part Description Part Number
1 Power Nozzle Cover ORPN-01A
2 Neck Assembly ORPN-05
3 Inlet Cover ORPN-06
4 Power Nozzle Base Assembly ORPN-02
5 Power Nozzle Motor ORPN-17
6 Timing Belt ORPN-BELT
7 Rear Wheel Assembly ORPN-03
8 Wheel Cover Plate ORPN-04
9 Front Roller ORPN-22
10 Front Roller Axle ORPN-23
11 Screw for Cover Mounting ORPN-15
12 Brush Roller Holder Plate ORPN-16
13 Screw for Brush Roller Mounting ORPN-13
14 Brush Roller Complete with Bearings ORPN-07
15 Circuit Breaker ORPN-10
16 Plug Assembly ORPN-09
17 Circuit Breaker Holder ORPN-11
18 Screw for Circuit Breaker Holder ORPN-14
19 Lower Power Nozzle Cord ORPN-18
20 Screw for Inlet Cover & Motor ORPN-15
21 Rear Wheel Shaft Retainer ORPN-24
22 Upright Sheath Complete & Sheath Cord ORPN-19
23 Metal Lower Sheath Wand ORPN-20
24 Switch Box to Power Nozzle Cord (Not Shown) ORBP-18